What does intuition have to do with nature?

deep nature connection intuitive abilities Dec 22, 2022

Oooooh, I'm sooo glad you asked! 

The answer: SO MUCH!

For starters, we are a part of nature and not separate from it (if you take classes with us you may tire of hearing us hammer in this point, we have so much to say about this!).

Also, our intuitive faculties are a natural part of who we are. It is our nature!

So when we spend time focusing on deepening our connection with nature, it is simultaneously deepening the awareness of who we are as humans. Receiving information through our intuitive faculties, our "psychic senses", is then just a normal part of our experience.

And this happens to be achieved much more easily when we are aware we are surrounded by the natural world. Not only is there less noise (both sound waves and electromagnetic frequencies), but there is less mental chatter in the air, which means less limiting thought forms. While nature has patterns and tendencies, there aren't the same rigidly held definitions about what's what and who's who, how everything is, and what constitutes the "real world".  That means there is a greater freedom from the collective spells that we humans tend to cast when we try to label and pigeonhole everything in the universe into how we believe things to be. 

Thoughts are forms of energy... energy that is focused and has an influence on the world around us. With millions of people collectively believing something to be true, or not true, that is a tremendous amount of energy towards shaping and reinforcing our experiences in alignment with that belief.

Humans have adapted over hundreds of thousands of years to get our needs met through direct interaction with the Earth. This is reflected in all aspects of our being from our musculoskeletal and nervous systems to the way our brain is wired to gather information from our surroundings. We are connected to forces in a much deeper way than we are aware of by simply being outside in the weather, paying attention to the surrounding environment, and having physical contact with elements of nature.

In more densely populated, fast-paced cities and towns, and with electronics and media, our senses can be overwhelmed with the amount and rate of information that we are exposed to. At some point, we have to tune out some of that information in order to not get overstimulated and burned out by it all. This is particularly important for highly sensitive individuals such as certain people on the autism spectrum.

I sometimes use the analogy of the carriage driver in New York City putting blinders on their horses, to our need to tune out what is going on around us in order to focus on certain tasks and operate in society without getting distracted by all the stimuli. In a natural environment, the opposite can be true as the success of our ancestral lineages has depended on the expansion of awareness. Predators, enemies, exposure to weather, and resource availability are a few examples of what our bodies have become programmed to pay attention to for survival.

This expansion of our awareness starts happening naturally as soon we are exposed to the wildness of nature. It is easier for the thoughts in our heads to settle and our mind to become more clear. When this happens, our nervous system becomes calmer and our breathing becomes more relaxed. Our awareness expands and our senses become heightened. And since there is nothing "extra" sensory about our very normal intuitive senses, it is natural for us to begin receiving and processing larger amounts of information intuitively as well. Seeing more clearly, hearing more acutely, having clearer "gut feelings", and suddenly knowing something without knowing how you know it are effects of this.

And when you consciously focus on getting centered, clear, and more aware of your surroundings the sensory expansion increases exponentially! It's one thing to go for a walk in the woods, it's another thing to really take the time to drop in and tune in. It's then that you really start to see how we only know the tip of the iceberg of what is possible to experience. There is a whole world of Spirit that the physical dimension is a manifestation of.

You may notice trees watching you as pass by, hear voices of rocks, or see spirits moving through the forest. Many people may say that this isn't the case, that it is a figment of imagination because they haven't seen, felt, or heard the same things. It isn't because it is impossible for them, it is simply because they haven't dedicated the time to becoming grounded, clear, and putting aside the belief system that this level of intuitive perception isn't real.

As our awareness expands and intuitive senses are heightened, it becomes evident that through the Spirit that connects everything, the elements of nature know us better than we know ourselves. We are a part of nature, and that oneness becomes clear. And when we see ourselves reflected in nature, through the eyes of nature, we remember who we are and how we fit in. Far beyond any ego-based perception of ourselves, it becomes apparent that we are beings of Spirit moving through the Earthly dimension in a vessel of elements borrowed from the Earth and Stars.

We don't exist in an independent bubble, and we can only truly know ourselves within the context of our interrelatedness. That's why our intuition isn't separate from nature, it is nature. And being in and with the wild reminds us of that.

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- Written by Rhett Tavernetti