YOU Are Psychic!

intuitive abilities Nov 05, 2022

That's right... YES YOU!

Everyone alive is naturally gifted with intuitive abilities. It's not just for some special people that are born as the sacred chosen ones while the rest of us are left on the sidelines.

It is a part of being human. It is the sensual connection with all life. Including the Earth, including Spirit.

It is only the belief that we are not psychic, and the fear of owning it that prevents us from accessing our natural psychic gifts.

We have inherited certain religious and societal belief systems, sometimes over thousands of years, that suppress the nature of who we really are. This oppressive programming is instilled through our educational institutions that teach us our intuitive senses aren't real, while religious institutions teach us that they are evil and dangerous.

It is true that trying to connect with the spirit world in certain ways without knowing what we are doing can be detrimental. But the most dangerous thing about using our psychic abilities throughout history has been the persecution that we have received for it!

A large part of what we regularly encounter in our readings and in our classes is the ancestral trauma that this persecution has caused. For many of us, our ancestors HAD to fit into the puritanical values of the society at large to avoid being ostracized or horribly murdered. Suppressing and trying to shut down their intuitive faculties was done as a necessity for survival to keep from being a target!

This shutting down as a defense mechanism has been passed down for generations and became deeply programmed in the energetic structures of our being, in our subconscious minds, and in our physical DNA. We have carried it on even after generations of being removed from the circumstances that our ancestors survived.

There is also often a memory of persecution we may have experienced in past lives that contributes to the feeling of being unsafe in using our natural psychic abilities. So having experienced it in a human body in another lifetime, combined with the ancestral, passed-down genetic memory and belief systems can act as a double whammy!

Vanessa and I have experienced it ourselves, and regularly see the irrational fear and anxiety arise in people as they start to wake up and use their intuitive faculties. The "primal" parts of the brain in charge of keeping us safe go on high alert and trigger a survival mode in our nervous systems as this subconscious programming is challenged and bubbles to the surface, preparing for us to be attacked for reclaiming our psychic nature and simply expressing the fullness of who we are.

But even though it can be challenging to face, and there is still opposition in the world, it is more than worth it to reclaim who are.

We have to laugh that we have still been referred to as black witches, soothsayers, and my personal favorite... necromancers!

It sounds so grim, doesn't it? Apparently, that last label refers to the fact that we have conversations with the spirits of those who have passed on that show up to talk to us. They've always come around and sometimes it just seems rude to ignore them, but anyhow...

The real black witchcraft that we see are those that suppress and persecute the nature of who we are as humans. It is a spell that has been cast across the land to trick us into believing a limited perception of who we are and what we are capable of, as well as a stifled and limiting story about the nature of reality and what is possible. 

I learned from the writings of the neuroscientist, Dr. Srini Pallay, that when we tell ourselves that something is not possible and we believe it, our brains begin to shut down certain neuro-pathways that would allow us to come to different conclusions. We literally close doors to accessing new information and greater potential.

That's why our intuitive skills classes include simultaneously acknowledging and honoring your inherent gifts while exposing and clearing the programming that seeks to limit them. We all have different blocks, we can all connect to our intuition on a deeper level with practice. It doesn't matter how much natural aptitude you are born with, there is always another level to grow into.

Some of us hear things more clearly (clairaudience). Some of us see things more clearly (clairvoyance). Some feel things more clearly (clairsentience), while some more clearly receive information directly into their being (claircognizance). The point is that these abilities are just as normal as seeing with our physical eyes and hearing through our ear drums.

AND... this is all within us! We are most connected to our psychic abilities when we are grounded in our bodies. While I definitely don't want to discount when Spirit takes us on a journey, it is our bodies on Earth where we currently live and that is where the information comes through to us.

So, YES! YOU ARE PSYCHIC! It's normal. We're human. 

If you are interested in exploring this further, check out our Intuitive Skills Programs. While the more advanced classes have allowed some our students to go on to use their intuitive gifts professionally, everyone benefits from the guidance and blessings that come with a greater connection to Spirit and who we truly are by nature.


- Written by Rhett Tavernetti