with Vanessa & Rhett

When you want a truly magical experience, designed entirely around what you wish you knew (or knew more of), then 1:1 guidance sessions with Rhett or Vanessa are FOR you.

What do you need more of in your life?

(And don’t be afraid to mix and match)

  • Get clarity and peace with spiritual guidance & meditation practices
  • Strengthen and trust your intuition and make decisions with confidence
  • Increase vibrancy and vitality with nutrition and herbalism
  • Get support to live happier, healthier and more deeply connected with Nature and Spirit 

How it Works

Choose which one of us you’d like to work with. Rhett typically works with men and those who identify as male, Vanessa typically works with women and those who identify as female, although exceptions can be made.

When you schedule the discovery call, we’ll ask permission of your spirit guides to determine what methods and practices will best serve you, which we’ll share with you on our call as you share your desires and goals with us.

Once we all agree that this is a good fit, you can book your sessions!

Your custom, spirit-led plan may include:

Spiritual Guidance 
Our sessions start with mini-readings. What that means is, you talk, unload and process what has been going on in your life, and we listen in a ‘reading space’ and give you guidance from spirit about what you’re moving through, what is being healed, and the next steps to move forward.

Intuitive Skills & Meditation 
Where we begin depends on what you need most for your intuitive development right now, including grounding practices, meditations and empowerment to read for yourself and others. You’ll also receive homework to continue expanding your consciousness and awareness throughout the week.

Vanessa is a certified Ayurvedic Nutritionist with 20 years of experience healing with nutritional and supplemental protocols. With guidance from Spirit, she will read your body and find what you’re deficient in, working towards giving you what you need for more energy and vitality, while unblocking your natural energy. This work isn’t limited to nutrition, herbs and supplements — we take a holistic approach that includes your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing too. Based on your needs you may receive: food lists, menus, meal plans, herbal formulas, tea and supplement suggestions.

Nature Connection 
When you sit at the computer all day, you tend to forget you have a body — a body that needs sunlight, fresh air and consistent interaction with nature to thrive. We’ll give you creative practices to help you calm, center, ground, and open deeper channels for a happier, healthier, more productive life.

Breathwork and Movement 
Breathwork and movement practices help create space for change, raise energy, release stuck thought patterns and ground yourself in your body. These practices release stagnant energy and bring in the vibrancy you need to transform your life.


Session Options

Each session is 1 hour long, unless by special request.
Payment plans available.

Book a 3-Session Bundle

Go deeper with a 13-session package

Due to our agreement with Spirit, we never allow money
to get in the way of spiritual growth and development.
Connect with us for scholarship and payment possibilities.

“I worked with Vanessa for 3 months to help heal my gut. I had been suffering for at least a decade. We focused on ayurvedic nutrition, but Vanessa really looks at the entire picture. She has a very spiritual and holistic way of healing and after the time we spent, my stomach and entire being had never felt better!”

- Melissa Golden

Not sure Guidance Sessions are a fit for you?

Here’s what we’ve noticed:

  • Want to take what they’ve learned in our group programs further
  • Not like groups, but want to learn all the fun stuff we do in our group classes, but with individual attention!
  • Be open-minded and willing to try things outside of their comfort zone
  • People who love having the ability to fully customize their experience
  • Find themselves at a crossroads or transition and need support to move forward

People who don’t love this tend to…

  • Not integrate the practices in their daily lives. We’ve had some clients invest time and energy into our sessions but skip out on the homework, which doesn’t result in lasting positive growth! To get the results you wish for, you’ve got to be open to taking the messages you receive in session and putting them into action.
  • Be closed-minded willyninnies

"What do you say about two people who have been catalysts and anchors for the most profound chapter in your own personal evolution story? There aren't words powerful enough to express the level of gratitude, trust and respect I have for both Vanessa and Rhett. They have been a guiding force in my journey to self-understanding, acceptance, trust and ultimately radical, unapologetic self-love. Something I always felt was possible but did not have a roadmap for. I didn't know where to start.

Through various readings and just over a year working with Vanessa regularly, I stand here in alignment with my true self and consciously walking my path with faith and trust. They didn't provide me with a roadmap, instead they provided me with something more coveted. Through showing up and sharing their gifts, true selves and humanity with me they helped me create one for myself with tools I will carry with me forever, my intuition and connection with Spirit the guiding north star.

They facilitated the space for me to discover insights and expand while doing so with the perfect balance of helping to hold me accountable to my intentions and providing the loving, nurturing environment for me to go through a metamorphosis in my own divine time. This work at times can be confronting but never once did I question the immense amount of integrity and selflessness in their offerings and beings. A rare thing that anyone who finds them is lucky to experience.

I met Vanessa and Rhett in April 2021 a year after a friend had given me their contact information. We are always on time. There has not been a day since that I don't consider myself proud to know them and grateful to have crossed paths with them. Not because of what they do but because of WHO they are. Their Souls. That is their magic. And so it is." 

- Chelsea Shoemaker, Intersect to Amplify

Now is the time to bring more magic into your life!


Feel grounded, focused and nourished through deepening your connection with the Earth and Spirit so you can have clarity in your purpose, step forward confidently, and find community with magical humans just like you!


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