Energetic Clearings

for Your Office, Home and Land

Have you ever walked into a house and immediately felt a sense of “aaah,” or a sense of welcome, even a sense of love, like a warm hug? That is energetic harmony at work. We are surrounded by energies, the energies of places, plants, people, objects and spirits, all the time.

Sometimes, the energy comes into disharmony and creates an unusual level of tension and struggle. Instead of feeling positive and joyful, it can feel sad, angry, draining, or even frightening. 

When that happens, an energy clearing can address the underlying issues and restore balance. 

We perform energetic clearings for our clients, and we can also teach you how to do this for yourself. Energy clearings can empower you and your children to evict negativity from your space.

Energy clearing isn’t just for ‘haunted houses.’ Energy clearing practices can help you:

  • Promote peace in the home by clearing the energy after a difficult conversation, a stressful call, or after a house guest leaves
  • Restore the calm energy of your office (great for therapists between sessions)
  • Prepare a new home for move-in with an energy clearing (not just a house cleaning!)
  • Help a property sell faster by clearing old energy and making way for new
  • Prepare land for new construction, or to aid construction in progress
  • Get the monsters out from your children’s closets (so they sleep in their own beds!)

Our Approach

What we see most often are a number of symptoms that arise when the people currently living on the land or in the house are in conflict with the spirits of the place.

Symptoms like:

  • You feel creepy in one part, or all, of your property
  • Accidents keep happening in one place, irrigation breaks, plants die for no apparent reason
  • Sleeplessness — trouble sleeping is a significant sign of an energetic imbalance
  • More challenges and discord than usual among the residents
  • Feeling an intense emotion, like sadness, anger or anxiety, when you walk into a room
  • The feeling you’re being watched, or something is there

Sometimes it really is a haunted house, and we’ll find out who or what is there, and lovingly help them move on.

Our approach to energy clearing is to begin by connecting with the spirits and energies of the place, and asking what needs to shift, what needs to be cleared, and what needs to be brought in.

This is why our energy clearings are very different from the ones you might be familiar with — our method is based on intuitive guidance and collaboration with the energies present. It’s not “us vs. them” — it’s bringing energies into harmony by listening to what’s needed.

We may use the elements — earth, air, fire, water — or herbs, songs, drums, dance, bells and rattles, ribbons, or food offerings, depending on the messages we receive.  

To complete the process, we bless the space with beneficial and loving energy.

Bring harmony to your home, land or office

Have us perform an energy clearing for you in person
Book a distance-clearing with a custom ceremony and our
support over Zoom


“When I moved into my office, I felt strange and stagnant energies. I asked Vanessa and Rhett for help, and as a student of energy clearing myself, it was a wonderfully educational and healing experience. Now the space seems filled with light and love. I see multiple clients a day with many energies coming in and out, and am grateful for the suggestions Vanessa gave me at the end of the clearing to maintain the energy of the space.” - Janis Dochterman, MA, LPC, RYT at Creative Conscious Connections LLC 


Feel grounded, focused and nourished through deepening your connection with the Earth and Spirit so you can have clarity in your purpose, step forward confidently, and find community with magical humans just like you!


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