Over the past ten years, Vanessa and Rhett have done hundreds of clairvoyant readings, providing guidance, clarity, healing and inspiration.  Working together, they offer a broader perspective and awareness.  Some messages are better heard from a females voice or from a males voice based on each individual’s experiences and traumas.


Serving as messengers of Spirit, Vanessa and Rhett consult with your angels and spirit guides to offer the most important messages that Spirit would like you to hear at this time.


The reading helps bring awareness to and clear out old, self-limiting beliefs, patterns, agreements, and programs that are holding you back, while helping you to usher in your most beneficial and current energies at this time.  This often helps recipients be more aware of their gifts and brings clarity to their next steps in life.


Each one hour reading is done over the phone and includes a recording of the reading and a drawing of your auric field.


Readings are for: individuals, couples, families, children/teens, business owners and anyone seeking clarity and certainty.



Readings start at $200 for individuals.


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"My readings with Vanessa and Rhett provided an incredible sense of comfort and confidence as I move through the year.  If you get the opportunity to receive a reading - take it.  It’s an experience that will enhance your life forever."

              - Jessie May Kezele: Coach Jessie May/Daring Divas


"Vanessa and Rhett are seasoned psychic readers, practitioners of exceptional insight and experiences. I was guided back to myself, affirmed and directed to next steps all this in the gentlest of ways within a brief time frame."

              - Francis Charteris: Charteris Art Tours


"I’ve had a lot of readings done in my life with many different people. This was by far the best reading I have ever had. Rhett and Vanessa were spot on, and incredibly helpful."

              - Sharon Bauer: Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs


"My reading with Vanessa and Rhett was a very unique and incredible experience. I learned so much about myself, my spirit guides and what direction I am being called to move into. I really gained clarity and understanding about myself and why I struggle with things I do. They are both very gifted individuals and I believe they are so connected to the Universe and their guides, that they can truly help you find the answers you seek."

               - Trina Schneider: Le Bon Temps Salon


"Vanessa and Rhett’s intuitive and unique reading was incredibly insightful. Not only did it provide me with clarity in what to put my energy into, it let me know who was in my corner both from my past and present. It was a sweet and visceral experience to learn from an ancestor I never got to meet, a true special moment I’ll cherish forever. I loved my reading so much I gifted one to my husband."

               - Gina Stenback: Stenback Digital Media



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