Rhett and Vanessa



Over the past decade, we’ve brought messages from Spirit to help hundreds of people be clear and confident with their decisions and path forward. 

We offer readings for individuals, couples, families (siblings, parent/child), and business owners.

Our readings are unique because you get both of us

Due to experiences and traumas, some messages you hear better from a woman's voice and some from a man's voice. By having a male and female perspective there is a dance throughout the reading to deliver these messages so you can receive them in the best possible way for healing and growth.

Each session is recorded, so you can be in the moment as you receive messages from Spirit.

Personal readings are $250 for 75 minutes. 

Family readings are $300 for 90 minutes.

Couples readings are $300 for 90 minutes.

Business readings are $500 for 3 hours.

Due to our agreement with Spirit, we never allow money
to get in the way of spiritual growth and development.
Connect with us for scholarship and payment possibilities.


Vanessa and Rhett have such incredible gifts and the reading propelled me through a difficult time. I went from feeling stuck and confused about which direction I should take to being clear, and excited about my next steps.

- Vicki DeArmon: Event Lab West

Rhett and Vanessa have a true gift in helping decipher the more complicated messages from within. They are able to put words to sensations I experience, and those words help me make sense of my next steps. Their insights help bring clarity and comfort that I am on track and have support going forward.

- Karen Gruber


$250 for 75 minutes

Receive information about your spirit guides, relevant past lives, your gifts and superpowers to help you align with your purpose. We also highlight the most current energies that are coming in and what energies are ready to be released.

These readings help bring more clarity and love into your life, reveal your next best steps, and address any questions or uncertainties.

You’ll also receive a drawing of your Aura as a visual reminder of the new energies being ushered into your life.

Family Readings

$300 for 90 minutes

During a family reading we’ll look at each individual, relationships and agreements between individuals, and the dynamics of the entire family.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your family members and your purpose in being brought together, along with improving compassion.

We’ll also bring attention to the patterns and habits that create discord and how to create more harmony.


$300 for 90 minutes

We begin reading each individual and their spiritual programming around love and sex.

We then explore their soul contract and how each person relates to the other within their partnership.

Finally we look at the obstacles in the way of forming deeper intimacy and offer specific steps to take your relationship to the next level so you can experience more joy and freedom in your relationship.

Business Readings

$500 for 3 hours

Your business is an extension of your purpose and Spirit can have valuable guidance for you when deciding which direction to go next.

We’ll explore your greatest opportunities for growth and impact, how to leverage your strengths and soul’s purpose to run your business with greater ease, and how best to handle sticky situations with employees, partners and family members.

We include 3 hours of total reading time for businesses, but you don’t have to use all of that time at once. We do an initial 1-hour reading, and then you can use the rest of the time in 15-30 minute increments, as you need them, to help answer questions as you and your business evolve.


not {ure what to expect in a }eading?

Let us share a story about one of our recent clients:

She’d never had a “psychic” reading before and was more than a little nervous and skeptical.

We brought attention to the energies that were old, holding her back, and not serving her any more.

We also focused on the new energies that she was ushering in, energies that were bringing her back to herself, her innate gifts, and clarifying her life path.

This also happened:

She received the message, loud and clear, that now was not the time to bolt from her job. A new job was on the horizon, but she needed to build self-confidence, embody assertiveness, and build trust in her skills in order to be ready for the shift that was coming in a couple of months.

She had been experiencing high levels of anxiety, leading to panic attacks. By helping her to see the belief system she adopted from past trauma, she learned how being grounded, calm, and centered was actually her true nature. We also saw that her anxiety was exacerbated when she ate dairy products, due to a food sensitivity.

She was also wondering if she should stay with her husband. We got a strong “YES”. They have a soul-level agreement to help each other grow, but she needed to tap into her loving and caring heart in relating with her husband instead of coming from the harshness she learned from her father and the rigidity she learned from her mother. She was able to hear the precise ways in which she could create new dynamics in her relationship. This allowed her husband to hear where she was coming from and increased both of their levels of happiness, connection and intimacy with one another.

We give you the messages that Spirit and your Guides say you need to hear, right now, in this moment. 

Come with questions and we’ll help you find clarity.
Come with an open mind and heart and see where Spirit takes you! 

Spirit is here to {upport you and {o are we.

What else can a Spirit-Led Reading help you with?

Our readings are especially useful when you’re experiencing stress around...

  • Money
  • Health concerns
  • Big decisions (should I stay or should I go?)
  • The WORLD at large

Maybe you need some helpful information about how to get a better night’s sleep, how best to nourish your body and soul (instead of overeating comfort food or raiding the bar cart), and ways to show up in your life with love (instead of reacting explosively to pressure).

Our readings can help ground you in warm, loving energy, guide you with specific steps along your highest path, and even give you some gentle words to work out difficulties with family members — often with humor, and the occasional curse word or song!


What clients are {aying

“My readings with Vanessa and Rhett provided an incredible sense of comfort and confidence as I move through the year. If you get the opportunity to receive a reading - take it. It’s an experience that will enhance your life forever."

- Jessie May Kezele, The Daring Femprenuer

“Vanessa and Rhett are seasoned psychic readers, practitioners of exceptional insight and experiences. I was guided back to myself, affirmed and directed to next steps all this in the gentlest of ways within a brief time frame."

- Francis Charteris: Charteris Art Tours

“Rhett and Vanessa literally went from Root chakra to Crown chakra with me, telling me which energies were ready to go, and which energies were coming in. They introduced me to Spirit guides I hadn’t (formally) met yet, and I left the reading feeling like my connection with my guides had deepened. As our call ended, I felt this surge of uplifting energy that I’ve been able to tap into even weeks after our call. I feel so much more grounded."

 - Lauren Van Mullem


Feel grounded, focused and nourished through deepening your connection with the Earth and Spirit so you can have clarity in your purpose, step forward confidently, and find community with magical humans just like you!


to }econnect and }egenerate