Online Psychic Kids Program

Positive guidance for sensitive children to feel grounded and safe

as they explore and develop their extraORDINARY gifts

It’s time for your child to let their magic shine in a safe playground where they can learn to use their intuitive abilities to positively influence their life. 

The best magic happens when you watch your child’s confidence blossom, their love of learning grow, and see the seeds of their personal potential meet the fertile soil of their enthusiasm. 

SHhhhhhh! Those benefits are top secret. Like sneaking vegetables into their mac n’ cheese. (Kidding! Kinda...)

You’ll see such a difference in your child’s self-esteem, confidence and excitement when you encourage them to develop their own magical, intuitive, psychic talents. Honestly, as life-long highly sensitive and intuitive people ourselves, this is the kind of psychic mentorship we wish we had when we were kids and teens.

Meet Vanessa &

     Rhett Tavernetti

We’ve been helping kids connect with Nature and Spirit for more than 20 years in schools, school gardens, and wilderness settings. Vanessa is a credentialed teacher, curriculum consultant and trains teachers in best practices for outdoor education. We are both professional clairvoyants, formally trained in psychic studies and have done hundreds of readings.

We have seen first-hand how much impact encouraging kids to learn about themselves and their capabilities can have — on their whole lives.

  • Improving their performance in school
  • Increasing their ability to sit and focus
  • Reducing anxiety, depression and fear of the unknown
  • Improving their ability to self-calm
  • Strengthening their acceptance and love for themselves
  • Increasing their confidence and ability to connect with others 
  • Training them to listen to their own instincts and inner knowing 

The list just goes on. 

However, from your kid’s perspective, this is FUN! Yes, there’s work — homework even — but it’s like Hogwarts homework (minus the owls... maybe).

The Psychic Kids Program is a 13-week online Live class, with weekly
“playbook” exercises and monthly 1:1 support calls.

We offer two age groups: 8-12 and 13-18. Class sizes are limited to 8 participants.


  • Meditate and breath to center and ground their energies
  • Clear and protect their space
  • Activate their intuitive senses
  • Connect only with benevolent spirit allies (including animals)
  • Be confident in their gifts and use them to benefit their world

Children are naturally sensitive, intuitive, magical souls, and this program is meant to support them in learning about themselves and expanding their ideas of what is possible, so they can keep that magic alive and vibrant as they grow into gifted adults. 


  • 13 modules taught in weekly 1-hour Live online classes
  • Playbook exercises and notes to help them continue exploring and solidifying practices
  • Three 1:1 support phone calls, 20 minutes each, once per month
  • Parent night! An online open house for parents to hear what we’ve done, what we’ll be doing next, and how to best support your child in their development
  • 20% off a professional clairvoyant family reading (this helps jumpstart the learning process and further open up participants to their potential)
  • Plus, the boost of being in community and sharing experiences with like-minded children


Reach out to learn of future start dates or with any questions you may have. 
We’re happy to schedule a call to talk about your child’s needs and make sure this program is the best fit for them, and you.



Feel grounded, focused and nourished through deepening your connection with the Earth and Spirit so you can have clarity in your purpose, step forward confidently, and find community with magical humans just like you!


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