Welcome the fresh energy of a new phase of life with a Blessing Ceremony for transitions and rites of passage

Every culture has rituals and rites to mark transitions.

We get graduations, wedding showers and baby showers - which tend to have a materialistic focus. We want to honor transitions through spiritual celebrations, appreciating all that you’ve experienced, and helping you cross the threshold into the next part of your journey.

Blessing ceremonies give you an energetic lift, aligning mind, body, spirit and intention, empowering and preparing you for the path ahead.

Ask us to create a custom blessing ceremony for…

  • Meaningful rites of passage for children and teens
  • Transitioning into Cronehood, or into a joyful Empty Nest stage
  • An important birthday
  • Moving into a new job
  • A new marriage (or bringing new intention to your ‘old’ marriage!)
  • A baby on the way (perfect for baby showers!)
  • After a divorce or breakup, opening a new world of possibility

Our custom blessings ceremonies come from directions we receive from Spirit and your spirit guides to give you what you need to feel fully supported and ready to enter into your next phase. 

Sometimes, there is healing involved in these ceremonies, or acknowledgement of the thresholds you’ve already passed through. There may be laughing, crying, dancing, hugging, offerings, singing, smashing, painting, and a lot of loving. We may use flowers, herbs, fire, water, stones, feathers, smoke, sand, photos and food. 

Inviting supportive friends and family, when appropriate, can add so much to the magic, as they collectively focus on giving you their strength, love and uplifting energy while they bear witness to your transition. It’s tangible, potent energy you will carry with you moving forward.

What could a custom blessing ceremony look like?
Here are some examples from recent blessings:


"Vanessa and Rhett created a fire ceremony for me in lieu of a bachelorette weekend. Eight women and I gathered at a rented house on the coast of Northern California. Vanessa and Rhett arrived early to scout out a beautiful stretch of coast for a nighttime beach gathering. They blessed the land to create a sacred container and got the fire going for our arrival. Vanessa led the blessing - calling the four directions in, using and sharing sacred objects, inviting participation from all, storytelling, drumming, singing and setting intentions for my marriage. It was an amazing right of passage and I can still feel positive reverberations today." 

Baby on the Way Blessing

"Vanessa designed a truly memorable and beautiful blessing for me when I was preparing for the birth of my son. She brought sacred hot water, crystals, a large glass bowl, medicinal herbs, and sacred plants for a footbath ritual. It was SO lovely! 

She also designed a 'birth necklace' ritual where each woman placed a bead on a thread, and said a blessing for me and my child. She suggested I could hold the necklace while birthing to feel the love of my sisters. It was as if I had walked through a portal into 'the best possible reality' and I was changed and supported physiologically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

As a result, I went into birth feeling confident and had an easeful, empowering birth experience. I know the Blessing that Vanessa designed offered foundational support for my positive birth experience, and my smooth and enjoyable transition into motherhood."

Milestone Birthdays

"We had always had family birthday gatherings for our son each year...but honestly, they felt more like mundane social gatherings for the adults in his life, rather than real celebrations of our son.

When the milestone birthday of age 4 was approaching, I consulted with Vanessa, and asked for her expertise in designing a 'ritual of moving from toddlerhood into little-boyhood.' 

The result was a truly memorable and magical event that escorted my son into little boyhood. The ritual marked a meaningful transition for the adults in his life as well. Everyone sensed that his birthday ritual supported a noticeable and empowering shift in my son that helped him embrace and be proud of his growth, preparing him for preschool.

I felt so proud to be introducing him to the SACRED power of RITUAL! And, of course, it was SO positive to have him less focused on getting toys and eating cake."

Cronehood Ceremony

"As I was coming into my fiftieth year, I wanted to do something different. So many people feel getting to 50 is a bad thing and I desired to switch that story in my life. I wanted to honor who I was transitioning into with this milestone birthday and claim the wisdom I had from the experience gained from many years of living.

I asked Vanessa to help me gather 50 of my women friends and create a ceremony where I felt honored and so did my women. What she created was perfect! The women gathered, we ate, we celebrated my life and how each woman contributed to who I have become.

Vanessa led us all beautifully through different aspects of the ceremony where they blessed me with sacred water and flowers, we prayed for my life, and we danced. At the end of it all I felt so full of who I have become celebrating where I have been and feeling refreshed, supported, and inspired to move into the next phase of living.

This ceremony helped me realize that gaining years means gaining wisdom which left me empowered to be more of who I am and offer these gifts of wisdom more freely. In our culture age is looked down upon which leaves us older women feeling useless. This ceremony helped me create a different paradigm and reframe for my life."

First Moon Ceremony

"I had a horrible first moon. I thought I was dying and there was no mental, emotional, or spiritual preparation for the changes of my body when 'the curse' happened. I wanted something very different for my daughter. I had met Vanessa through a friend and her ability to listen and hear deeply what I wanted for my daughter, coupled with her enthusiasm for life gave me assurance that she was perfect for what I wanted to offer my daughter.

Together she helped us create the most beautiful rite of passage ceremony for my daughter. My daughter wanted to keep it small, so it was close family and a few friends. We honored my daughter in a way that she felt completely seen, but not awkward. We spoke of her childhood and we all shared our first moon stories. Vanessa then led us through a variety of rituals with different elements that facilitated the stepping into womanhood for my daughter. It was perfect. I can only imagine if every young woman had this rite of passage at this time of life how different our world could be."

Ask us how we can support your journey with a blessing designed just for you




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