Earth Stewardship
Reclaim your Role as a Caretaker of the Earth

Permaculture workshops, programs and consulting
for landowners, farmers, and landscapers

You’re here because you want to take the most holistic and healthy approach to permaculture, farming and landscaping practices.

Permaculture — creating a truly diverse, stable, resilient, harmonious ecosystem — is more than a science or an art. If we go back to indigenous practices, it’s not just about living in harmony with the nature we can typically see, it’s also living in harmony with the spirits of the land.

This is the perspective that’s missing from most books, programs and education on permaculture, stewardship and earthcare. They miss the key element of Spirit.

Many landscape designers who have the best intentions create beautiful designs that they impose on a landscape. They may take into account the soil, sun, climate, plants and animals, but they don’t cultivate an awareness of the spiritual ecosystem of the place.

And then things start going awry.

We’ve seen it happen many times in farms, ranches, parks, residential and commercial landscape design, even home vegetable gardens. 

You may find that despite your best efforts to build the soil, to supply the water, to ensure the site and plantings and structures are thoughtfully chosen — you run into difficulties, accidents, construction delays, broken irrigation, fallen rock walls, or failure-to-thrive areas of dying plants that defy explanation.

As a landscape contractor and permaculture designer, we incorporate the spiritual aspect into all of our work to create outdoor spaces that build a RECIPROCAL RELATIONSHIP between the land, the spirits of the land, and the people of the land. 

When that happens, everything runs more smoothly and efficiently, plants grow in wild and wondrous ways, and even Master Gardeners will ask you “What did you DO?!”

Now we offer training in how to communicate with Spirit and build a relationship that allows you to co-create a landscape that spiritually, energetically and agriculturally works. 

While this ability has been common practice in holistic stewardship for indigenous peoples since time immemorial, most of us have been cut off from this to the detriment of ourselves and our environment. It is time for us to reclaim our role as caretakers of the Earth in every sense, and to do that we need to work with the guidance of the spirits of the land.  


In two-hour and four-hour workshops you receive foundational practices for cultivating a relationship with the spiritual ecosystem of the land. This provides a framework that participants can continually build on in communicating with and working with the spirits of the land. Through sincere practice, this will develop into the ability to receive guidance on what the land is asking for in a particular location, and how we can best be of service. 

What do these entail:

  • Clearing societal/religious belief systems that shut down our “extra-sensory” awareness
  • Introducing practices to connect with and ally ourselves with the spirits of a place
  • Utilizing skills to tap into our intuitive faculties to have clear communication with helpful spirits

These are designed as part Permaculture design courses or as stand-alone workshops.




This 13-week course is designed for professional earthworkers, land tenders, and people who want to deepen their connection to nature and regenerate the ecosystems around them. This allows for a deep dive in opening up your intuitive faculties and being able to connect with the spirits of the land in a way that may have never thought possible.

The messages are clear: it’s time for us to reclaim our role as holistic stewards and caretakers of the Earth. We cannot achieve a regenerative system of living on this planet through our intellect alone. Oftentimes, this just leads to imposing a clever design on the landscape without an understanding of what the land wants. 

The land and all the life and spirits of the land have their own collective prayers and desires on what they need and would like to see happen. If it is truly our goal to help to heal our relationship with the Earth as a people, we need to take our seat at the table of that spiritual ecosystem. Only through relating to the spirits of the land in this way can we be guided towards knowing exactly how we can best be of service. 

This is where miracles become commonplace and healing happens.

What you will receive:

  • A mindset shift that allows you to deeply tune into our environment
  • Clearing of societal/religious programming that disconnects from our intuitive abilities
  • Practices to connect with and ally yourself with the spirits of the land
  • Skills to use your intuitive faculties to communicate with helpful spirits


This 13-week course meets online once a week, includes at-home practices with an interactive manual, and an in-person weekend intensive in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.



Feel grounded, focused and nourished through deepening your connection with the Earth and Spirit so you can have clarity in your purpose, step forward confidently, and find community with magical humans just like you!


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