Ethically Harvested Wood


All of the native and naturalized woods of the mountains and canyons are harvested by Rhett. This is a process of connection to the land for him, as well as a prayer for the health and vitality of the forest that he am working with. He believes that ecological stewardship is an essential part of our role as humans, and that our well-intentioned and mindful interactions with nature benefit the wellbeing of the ecosystems that we are in relationship with.


With this in mind, trees are only harvested that have already died (either fallen or dead standing), or Rhett will only remove a branch that will not adversely affect the health of the tree.  In the case of aspen trees, he will harvest a trunk out of a grove of aspens, which is a single organism. Here he is only removing one piece of the organism that will live on. Many species of wildlife are on dependent trees and it is important to leave dead standing and fallen trees in the forest for cavity nesting birds, as well as a wide variety of insects, fungi, and microorganisms.


Rhett also gather larger pieces of wood from arborists that he have relationships with.  These are mostly non-native ornamental trees that customers have had removed for various reasons.


Rhett also makes custom pieces from places and trees that are special to you!


An oak tree that you got married under, a grandparent's fruit tree, or a mountain maple from your favorite mountain range are all examples of wood that could provide a treasured keepsake for you and your family.  Even a small branch could yield a cooking spoon, spatula, or even detailed earrings, a pendant or ornament.  Contact Rhett about custom pieces.


Making beautiful and functional pieces of art with wood is a way to honor to the trees that they come from. He was blessed to learn from an Wintu indigenous herbalist and weaver in California, Sage LaPena, that it doesn’t matter whether you drinking a tea made from a plant, weaving a basket from it, or sitting next to it… it’s all the same medicine. Using these wood pieces connects us with the unique medicinal properties of the trees themselves, the Earth that they come from, and the seen and unseen world they interact with.


The majority of Rhett's spoons are made from the branches of naturalized black locust wood. This tree has been widely planted for its usefulness across the country, starting with the native people of the Southeastern U.S. where this tree originates. The wood has a beautiful variegated grain (sometimes similar to olive), is incredibly hard, rot resistant, and has the highest beam strength of any native timber wood of this country. A cord of black locust firewood puts out as much heat as a ton of coal!  This fast-growing tree is nitrogen fixing, great for erosion control and stabilizing banks, provides high protein forage for goats, is a great source of nectar for bees, has a number of medicinal properties, and the flowers are edible!





From teaspoons to salad sets to cookware, they can made simple and straight to twisted and ornate.

The cost depends on the complexity.

The durability of this wood ensures that these will last a lifetime.




Bowls are unavailable at this time.  Please contact Rhett to inquire about availability or about custom bowls.





Cost is dependent on complexity.  Various styles and characteristics can be incorporated.  Stone/abalone shell inlay and wood burned designs (pyrography) are optional as well.





Contact Rhett to place an order or make an inquiry




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