Earth Magic Academy

Into-You Intuitive Program

Reclaim and Trust Your Innate Abilities!

Are there parts of you that you wish to explore on a deeper level?


Do you have intuitive hunches, but wish you could gain more information

and trust them more?


Would you like to be more confident in your own wisdom and intuitive abilities when consulting with your higher self and angelic guides in decision making?


Do you want to clear old patterns, habits, belief systems, and programs (societal, familial, ancestral) that are keeping you from being your most magnificent self?


Your intuition is your birthright.


The Into-You Intuitive Program is designed

to reconnect you to your intuitive gifts.


Like a muscle that can be exercised and strengthened, the connection to your intuitive abilities is deepened through intentional practice.


When you learn to trust this part of yourself, you are able to powerfully utilize the healing, divine guidance, and extra sensory perception that comes through it.


NOW is the time to deeply connect to a divinely guided life of grace and clarity

through the power of your intuition!


In this program you will:



Program Features:




The Into-You Intuitive Program begins March 10th.

This is great opportunity to participate in a live group setting from the comfort of your own home! (yes, that means pjs!!!)


This course is recommended, but not required, if you are interested in the Earth Magic Mastery Women's Program Elevated.

Having taken this course first will help you go deeper in the Program.


Join us in a journey to self-realization and behold the miracles of the Universe

that are within!



Click here to contact Vanessa if you have any questions or to secure your spot TODAY!

(spaces are limited)


Vanessa Tavernetti, co-founder of Earth Magic Academy, is a credentialed teacher and former Jack London Educator of the year. She has created highly effective models for outdoor education, which she has trained thousands of teachers in, and currently teaches at Naropa University in the Contemplative Education and Environmental Studies Departments. Having grown up spiritually gifted, she has been formerly trained in psychic stud­ies and has done hundreds of professional read­ings to those in need of guidance in their personal, financial, physical, and spiritual journey. Vanessa’s myriad of gifts and talents make her an expert in  helping women lead empowered, fulfilling lives.