Nowadays copper is one of the most widely traded commodities in the world, after oil and gold, with over 20 millions of tons mined each year. The average single-family home in the United States has almost five-hundred pounds of copper: pipes, electrical wiring, switches, appliance parts, computer components, and doorknobs. Most copper mining occurs in Peru, with the United States being second. The largest human excavation in the world is the Bingham Canyon Open Pit Mine in Utah.


The vast majority of copper is extracted from ore through a water and chemically intensive process that leads to water and soil pollution around the mines. There are many examples of farmland that becomes unusable and waterways that can no longer be used for drinking by humans or wildlife. In arid regions such as in Chile, copper mining utilizes unsustainable amounts of the water supply.


Finding raw chunks of copper in nature is extremely rare.  The state of Michigan is home to incredibly pure deposits of copper that have been mined for thousands of years. Ancient artifacts from various cultures around the world have been found around these deposits, and the unique copper from the Michigan area has been found in the Mediterranean and Egypt.


Similar to its ability to conduct electricity, copper is thought to be able to stimulate the flow of energy within our bodies and senses, enhancing our psychic abilities. This flow occurs between the physical and spiritual bodies, helping us to ground and align the different aspects of ourselves. It can help us to energize and stimulate initiative, optimism, independence, and intellect.


To minimize environmental impact, the copper Rhett create with comes from salvage yards/recycling centers.  "I am grateful to work with this metal and the medicine that it carries while I pray for our connection with the Earth, for clean water and soil, and our ability to acquire minerals in a way that doesn't destroy the health or livelihoods of communities, or the health of our ecosystems," explained Rhett.


Since copper mine contaminates water sources around the world, 10% of sales from recycled copper jewelry will go to charity:water, a non-profit organization that provides clean drinking water to communities in need.





Hammered copper pendants can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Circles, ovals, and tear drop shapes have been most popular.  Pendants are strung on a rustic leather strand clasped together with knots that slide to adjust size.  Contact Rhett about any special requests and custom pieces.





Earrings are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. Contact Rhett for details about what you would like.

To reduce the risk of allergic reactions, all earring loops are made from sterling silver.





 Hammered copper bracelets are available:

lightly pocketed - thinner with less varied topography

medium pocketed

deeply pocketed - greater variation/more dramatic


They are approximately 3/4"-1" wide and can be sized for your specific wrist.



Hammered copper bowls are currently unavailable, please contact Rhett to inquire about future availability.



Contact Rhett to place an order or make an inquiry


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